Coinvestasi Appreciates 14 Most Impactful Figures in Indonesian Crypto Industry

Indonesia is one of the countries with the third highest adoption rate in the world, with a 115.59% surge according to DappRadar. According to the Indonesian Blockchain Association (ABI), crypto transactions in Indonesia from January to September have reached around IDR 266 trillion (about $18.5 billion) with about 16.1 million customers and 25 exchanges and 383 registered crypto assets at the Indonesia Commodity and Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappebti).

These achievements are certainly not unrelated to various parties who have continued to be optimistic and committed to building and having an impact on the crypto industry in Indonesia. As a form of appreciation for this, Coinvestasi is giving out an award called Coinvestasi’s Impactful Figures 2022 to 14 figures that Coinvestasi considers to have a positive influence and contribution to the crypto industry.

“Coinvestasi’s Most Impactful Figures 2022 list is given to figures who not only withstand challenging market conditions but also continue to contribute positively to the growth and development of the crypto and web3 industries in Indonesia. It is hoped that this award will continue to be a driving force for crypto and web3 industry players to create innovation and build a healthy industry ecosystem for users, regulators, and other business actors,” said Dhila, Managing Director of Coinvestasi.

“Thank you to Coinvestasi for its initiative. Personally, I am happy to be able to contribute to the industry, and it is our duty at the association to further promote the development and implementation of the industry in Indonesia. Hopefully, this list of the most impactful figures will help new players find the right partners and entry points into the Web 3.0 industry in Indonesia,” said Asih Karnengsih, head of the ABI.

“I am honored to receive an award from Coinvestasi and this also serves as fuel for me and my team to continuously innovate and have a positive impact on the world using web3 technology,” said Rahmat Al Bariqi, Founder of Paras.

“The breakthrough award initiated by Coinvestasi for players in the blockchain and crypto industry can certainly boost our spirit to be able to give impact to the advancement of the Indonesian crypto industry. I am convinced that, together with Coinvestasi as a trusted crypto and blockchain media in Indonesia, we can build the crypto ecosystem in the homeland,” said Oscar Darmawan, CEO of Indodax.

Coinvestasi’s Most Impactful Figures 2022

Here is the list of crypto figures who have made a positive contribution to the crypto industry in Indonesia in 2022:

Jerry Sambuaga – Vice Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia (2019-2024)

Jerry Sambuaga is the Vice Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia serving for the period of 2019-2024. Under his tenure, a number of decisions related to cryptocurrency assets were made such as the list of 383 legal cryptocurrency assets in Indonesia, plans to establish an Indonesian cryptocurrency exchange, and regulation of cryptocurrency taxes in Indonesia.

Tirta Karma Senjaya – Head of the Development and Market Development Bureau of Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI)

Tirta Karma Senjaya is the Head of the Development and Market Development Bureau of BAPPEBTI. Tirta actively educates about the physical trading of Cryptocurrency Assets in Indonesia by being a speaker at 53 literacy, seminar, workshop and symposium events from various Ministries / Institutions / Universities and others.

Tirta is also actively providing input and guidance on Bappebti Regulation Number 11 of 2022 concerning the Determination of the List of Cryptocurrency Assets Traded on the Physical Cryptocurrency Asset Market, actively participating in studies and evaluations in the implementation of cryptocurrency assets in Indonesia, such as policy studies related to NFT, evaluation of cryptocurrency asset valuations (AHP), policy studies on ICO / ITO and so on and actively involved in efforts to realize the cryptocurrency asset trading ecosystem in Indonesia.

Asih Karnengsih – Chairman of the Indonesian Blockchain Association (A-B-I)

As the head of A-B-I, Asih Karnengsih has successfully played a role in several important policies regarding crypto regulation in Indonesia. Some of these include matters related to cryptocurrency asset taxes and approaches to the 2023 PPSK Bill, the development of the revision of Perba 8/2021 (recently issued Perba 13/2022), approaches to the PPSK Bill, and building relations with the international blockchain industry.

Oscar Darmawan – CEO of Indodax

Oscar Darmawan, CEO and Founder of Indodax, is the CEO of the first crypto exchange in Indonesia. Oscar Darmawan leads Indodax in promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency assets in Indonesia and now has 5.6 million users.

Oscar is active with A-B-I in discussing regulation of cryptocurrency assets in Indonesia, and he also openly provides transparency about cryptocurrency assets in the Indodax wallet. Oscar Darmawan has also been included in the Fortune Indonesia 40 under 40.

Jeth Soetoyo – CEO of PINTU

As the CEO of PINTU, Jeth Soetoyo successfully led the PINTU crypto exchange to secure 113 million dollars in funding.

Jeth is a trusted contributor and discussion partner for regulators to develop the industry through general regulatory issues, taxation, and crypto literacy, both as an individual, a member of the A-B-I crypto asset committee, and a member of the Indonesian Crypto Asset Traders Association (ASPAKRINDO).

Under his leadership, PINTU has built a strong crypto community and the PINTU application has been downloaded over six million times. PINTU also has Pintu Academy, a program designed to educate and teach beginner crypto traders the ins and outs of trading, familiarize traders with crypto fundamentals, and understand how to invest and manage risk in a sustainable way.

Rahmat Albariqi and Afiq Shofy Ramadhan – Founder and Co-Founder of Paras

Rahmat and Afiq built and led Paras, the first NFT marketplace and one of the largest in Indonesia. Along the way, Paras has achieved success with trading volume exceeding 25 million dollars and has been recognized as the largest NFT marketplace on Near Protocol.

Ghozali – NFT Creator

Ghozali is the creator of the ‘Ghozali Everyday’ NFT collection. His NFT collection was successfully sold for up to 1.5 billion Rupiah on OpenSea. Thanks to his NFT collection, Ghozali became a phenomenon in the explosion of NFTs in Indonesia and increased public awareness and interest in NFTs.

Irene Umar – Co-Founder of YGG SEA

As Co-Founder of YGG SEA, Irene aims to empower various layers of society through play to earn games. YGG SEA has had more than 15,000 scholars in Southeast Asia in one year in six countries. YGG SEA is the Gaming Guild with the most available blockchain games.

Grady Edbert & Jeffry Jouw (Jejouw) – Co-Founders of Karafuru

Grady and Jeffry successfully created a record for the Indonesian NFT project through Karafuru, which achieved transactions worth 1 trillion Rupiah. Their success also fueled public enthusiasm to learn about NFTs. They also successfully held the first NFT festival in Indonesia online.

Markus Liman Rahardja – Chief Investment Officer of BNI Ventures

With more than 8 years of experience in the investment world, Markus Liman with BRI Ventures also played a role in discovering 12 potential blockchain and Web3 projects and startups worthy of funding through the Tokocrypto Sembrani Blockchain Accelerator program.

Honorable Mention

In addition to the names included in Coinvestasi’s Most Impactful Figures, Coinvestasi also gives Honorable Mention to several cryptocurrency industry figures who also contribute to the growth of the cryptocurrency industry in Indonesia. These include:

  • Wishunatama, Founding and Chairman of Jagat Nusantara
  • Glen Ardi, Managing Director of Coindesk Indonesia
  • Bryan Blanc, Co-Founder and COO of Netra
  • Pang Xue Kai, Founder of Tokocrypto
  • Stephen NG, Chief of Metaverse Nusameta
  • Rudi Harli Setiawan, Founder & CEO of Eizperchain
  • Arief Widhiyasa, CEO of Mythic Protocol
  • Novrizal Pratama, CEO of Gaspack
  • Filianingsih Hendarta, Assistant Governor and Head of Payment System Policy Department of Bank Indonesia
  • Robby Bun, CCO and Co-Founder of Rekeningku
  • Desi Indarti, Crypto Mining Entrepreneur
  • Olivia Sim, CFA & Crypto Project Specialist

In addition to these names, there are certainly many other parties who contribute to the advancement of cryptocurrency in Indonesia, although they do not appear on the list. Coinvestasi believes they will continue to help, build, and develop the cryptocurrency industry in Indonesia.

Dhila Rizqia
Dhila Rizqia