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How is Scouting Hundreds of Crypto Talents All Over Indonesia

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In the report entitled 2022 Global Blockchain Talent Report, Indonesia is listed as one of the countries experiencing positive growth in terms of the number of workers in the crypto and blockchain industry. In this category, Indonesia is ranked eighth with a growth rate of 43%, higher than Poland (24%) and China (12%).

This increase certainly needs to be welcomed, because Indonesia is one of the countries with a digital economy that is estimated to reach US$146 billion in 2025. Then the contribution of the digital economy is also expected to increase eight times in 2030 or is expected to reach Rp4.531 trillion.

Seeing an increase in Blockchain industry workers and the potential for Indonesia's future digital economy, Coinvestasi together with Blockchain Talent Indonesia held a Crypto Talents Meetup to find crypto talents from various backgrounds ranging from web3 builders, developers, and NFT creators who are beneficial to the Blockchain and Web3 industry in Indonesia.

"Indonesia has a lot of talent that is wasted, doesn't have a platform, and isn't given the opportunity. While many industry needs are desperately looking for crypto talent that is not easy to find in mainstream sources of job search platforms. We want to provide a platform for Indonesian workers, especially the web3 industry, as well as a solution for industry players who want to find the right talent in Indonesia," said Blockchain Talent Co-founder Glenn Ardi.

Crypto Talents Meetup by Blockchain Talent
Crypto Talents Meetup in Surabaya 2022

The Crypto Talents Meetup takes place from October to November 2022 and visits 6 major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Tangerang, and Solo. This event also presents 25 speakers who have experience working in this industry.

Some of the speakers present were Coindesk Indonesia Managing Director Glenn Ardi, Coinvestasi Managing Director Dhila Rizqia, Triv CEO Gabriel Rey, CMO Reku Robby Bun, ABI Chairwoman Asih Karnengsih, Cryptocurrency Specialist Olivia Sim, Metabase COO Andre Tirto, and so on.

During Crypto Talents' visits to these six cities, Crypto Talents managed to meet more than 250 people who are interested in exploring careers in the blockchain, crypto, and Web3 industries.

According to the Head of Community at Coinvestasi Niki, through this event, Coinvestasi wants to make an impact on the community by sharing career opportunities in the web3 industry, so that talents in the community can apply their skills and have a career in this industry.

"Together with Blockchain talent trying to find quality talent for crypto and web3 in the regions, helping to connect talent with businesses that need the talent to join the company," said Niki, Head of Community at Coinvestasi.

Crypto Talents Meetup by Blockchain Talent
Crypto Talents Meetup in Tangerang 2022

One of the participants in the Crypto Talents event, Agung Setiawan, also said he was happy with this event, “The event was cool, there was a lot of new information about blockchain, especially career prospects in this industry, the speakers, is seen to dominate the material and,  get new networking, “he said.

According to Niki, the Crypto Talents event will be held regularly every year to find various talents in the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industries and to become a place where communities meet and connect to create a better and beneficial industrial climate for Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Blockchain Talent will continue to focus on mapping blockchain and Web3 talents throughout Indonesia.

“Building a network digitally and directly for crypto communities in various regions. We also want to build a neat service system, so that industry players, especially HRD, can benefit from this project," said Glenn Ardi, Co-founder of

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