Providing a New Perspective in the Industry: ICN Launches CoinDesk Indonesia

CoinDesk Indonesia officially launched on August 25, 2022 in Bali, during the Coinfest Asia event. The launch was attended by Emily Parker, Executive Director of Global Content Coindesk, and Glenn Ardi, Managing Director of CoinDesk Indonesia.

CoinDesk Indonesia is a credible and reputable news portal that will cover news related to crypto assets, blockchain, investments, NFTs, Web3, and other technologies in Indonesia and the world. It aims to capture the best opportunities, balanced with coverage of news and the delivery of information that is credible, trustworthy, educational and provides understanding and expands the awareness of the Indonesian public about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

For Glenn Ardi, the background of the launch of the CoinDesk Indonesia news portal is based on issues related to misleading information and stereotypes about crypto assets in Indonesia. “There is a lot of misleading and misinterpretation information about crypto assets and NFTs that have already been widely circulating in Indonesian society, so public understanding of this new technology is still piecemeal”, said Glenn in a press release.

“It is not uncommon for popular news media in Indonesia to also be mistaken in educating the public. With this, the presence of CoinDesk Indonesia is expected to be one of the accurate and in-depth information poles about the development of the blockchain and crypto industry in Indonesia,” he added.

The Chairman of the Blockchain Association of Indonesia, Asih Karnengsih, also has similar hopes. “The presence of a media company like CoinDesk in Indonesia is certainly good news for the development of the blockchain industry in Indonesia. Hopefully, CoinDesk Indonesia can be a role model media that brings the standard of world-class news accuracy, especially in the implementation of journalistic ethics in reporting about the blockchain and crypto industry in Indonesia,” according to Asih.

CoinDesk Indonesia is part of the Indonesia Crypto Network, which has officially licensed from based in the United States. is the world’s largest and most trusted crypto media outlet with the highest user visit traffic in the world, reaching 25.3 million visits during Q3 2022. In addition to providing news and information about crypto and blockchain, CoinDesk also plays a major role as a provider of price data and a host of world-class events such as Consensus, the world’s largest crypto-themed event, which was attended by more than 15,000 visitors in 2022.

CoinDesk has been established since May 2013 and continues to uphold the highest journalistic standards and comply with a series of strict editorial policies. CoinDesk has its headquarters in New York, USA, and is part of the Digital Currency Group, which invests in crypto and blockchain-based start-up companies.